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Acoustical engineering

Old electronic musical instruments, amplifiers and radios for musician, fans of synthesizers and technical interested persons built before 1987.

From 1972 until 1987, we were heavy into musical electronics. During this time, we created many kits for electromagnetic Hammond organs.

In 1978 we opened our music store. We distributed everything about music electronics and computer music.

For different brands, we were wholesaler and did the repair service. Back from this time, we still have many parts, schemas, manuals, software, devices and much more.

On this part of the website, we are going to show information about various devices. In our webshop you can buy spare parts, copies of schemas and Eproms with software.

If you look for something special, don’t hesitate to ask. It is just not possible to present everything on this website.

In the future, we will provide articles about music electronics in PDF format for download. The topic “MIDI” will have a dedicated section.

For lovers of old radios, we will provide many schemas. We stock around 2000 different electronic tubes. Capacitors for higher voltages are on stock as well.

We wish you pleasure browsing this website and come back later. We still need some time to collect all data.

These comics were designed for our music store “GIG” in Basel between 1983 and 1986. The running figures were life-sized and decorated the entrance of the store. The music store was sold in 1987.